ANLUA was established in 2010 by Antonio Luque and Eleni Siozos. ANLUA is conceived as an open structure that develops projects in urban planning, architecture and research. ANLUA create designs for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments. We use our construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, our firm maintains successful relationships, as needed, with associate architectural and engineering firms and specialty consultants.

ANTONIO LUQUE ARANDA Arquitecto, Founding of ANLUA, born February 5, 1983, in Luque, Spain, residing in Berlin. Architect by University of Granada, he complemented his studies with two international exchanges programs at the Brandenburg University of Technology and Laval University in Canada. Awarded with the Talentia Scholarship, went further at the University of Tokyo as postgraduate researcher focusing about sustainable urban planning and ecological architecture. In 2010 Antonio Luque established ANLUA together with Eleni Siozos. Settled in Berlin, since 2013 he is Senior Project Manager in the prestigious office GRAFT, and currently assistant professor at the architecture faculty at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus. 

ELENI SIOZOS  Dipl.-Ing. Architekt und Stadtplanung, Founding of ANLUA, born Oktober 12, 1982, in Berlin, Germany, residing in Berlin. Architect and Urban Planner by the Brandenburg Univertity of Technology Cottbus, she complemented her studies with an international exchange program at the University of Granada in Spain. In 2010 Eleni Siozos established ANLUA together with Antonio Luque. Settled in Berlin, since 2013 she is Project Lead in the office Milbach + Milbach.